Symantec Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Review

LivePC’s Symantec Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Review

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Norton Security is a computer protection tool that is produced by the Symantec company. The name returns to a set of DOS energies that were popular in the early days of computer systems. Symantec bought out the anti-virus tool in 1990. The current version provides protection versus all infections and malware in one location. They are among the most widely known security programs in the industry. In this evaluation, we will use Norton Security Deluxe to review.

Minimum system requirements – will it work on your gadget?

Norton notes the following as the minimum system requirements for running the program:

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Running system: Windows XP 32-bit, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 in 32- and 64-bit ranges
Other minimum specifications are not made available through the Norton site which may be of issue to those running older machines – will it work? I think a modest single core Pentium or better with a gigabyte approximately of RAM might suffice but do not purchase based upon that. If your machine is older, opt for another product that makes its requirements crystal clear rather, simply to be on the safe side.

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Installation of Norton Security

Installation of Norton Security 2016 was relatively quick. The procedure forces you to sign up for a Norton account throughout setup which is a small trouble but that didn’t stop me from getting up and running in a matter of five minutes approximately.

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Annoyingly, the program then needed a reboot but as I’m making use of a SSD that wasn’t a major problem. Symantec’ s Norton Anti-Malware software application has actually been around for a while now and is always a solid entertainer and somewhere at the top of all internet security software reviews and tests. Although it has actually been around for a variety of years now it is still considered a extremely strong security suite.

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There are users who state that Norton security software application is resource hungry, and does slow down your system, however that does depend on the setup you have. When you consider the numerous various variations of motherboard, processors and other hardware it is constantly going to be a struggle to get software application to work perfectly with all systems. If you are uncertain, it is best to download a Trial version and see how you get on with it.

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Norton Security packages can be found in 3 variants, requirement, Deluxe and premium. We are examining the deluxe version. There are a couple of others readily available, Norton Family Premier and Norton Mobile Security but they for Family PCs and Mobile devices respectively.

Norton Security Deluxe varies somewhat from the basic variation in that it covers up to 5 devices, PCs, Macs, smart devices or tablets, and nowadays, that makes it very useful with users having different is to secure.


Clicking the Performance panel will reveal four buttons: Optimize Disk, File Cleanup, Startup Manager and Graphs. The File Cleanup and Startup Manager are two beneficial utilities to have.

The file Cleanup will remove Windows momentary files and Internet Explorer momentary files, while the Startup Manager will reveal programs that introduce immediately on start-up slowing your system down and making it hard to utilize, you can then disable those that you don’t desire to introduce on start-up therefore releasing up system resources and assisting your system run a bit quicker.


Next to Kaspersky Internet Security and its battery of useful security tools, Norton Security feels and look somewhat lightweight. But while the suite might be short on bells and whistles, we cannot grumble about its effectiveness. AV-Test found that Norton achieved a perfect 100% protection rate against both zero-day risks and established malware– a efficiency ruined only slightly by a handful of false positives.

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