LCD Case Mod: Intro

LCD Case Mod: Intro

Just the other day we showed you how to cut a blow-hole. This time, we decided that it was time to do a more cosmetic case mod. We are going to show you how to mount a Matrix Orbital 2041 LCD into the top of your case so that you can monitor temperatures, fan speeds, etc just by looking at your case top. Make note that you do not have to use this specific LCD to complete this howto. You could use a CrystalFontz LCD which is much less expensive (I prefer Matrix Orbital personally, but thats only because I have been using them since way back in the day . Grab all our top offers for computer related products and gadgets and save 20 to 50% with us

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Blow-Hole: Intro

Case mods in a general sense are cosmetic changes that return little to no performance value. Today, we are going to show you how you can do a case mod that no only looks cool, but will let you keep the side of your case on while your playing counter strike, and possibly even make enough difference in your internal case temperature to allow you to reach that next clock speed! Based on the general-fact that heat rises, we show you how to install a blow-hole to create an in-case vaccum to remove your hot hair from the case.

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