How to Make RAMsinks

How to Make RAMsinks


Some of the top cooling manufactures produce products to help cool your video card RAM down to not only prolong the life of your video card at overclocked speeds, but to also offer that extra Image result for How to Make RAMsinkstemperature decrease you will need to increase the MHz of your video RAM.  Anyone who is serious about overclocking should seriously consider this guide.  This guide is written for the overclocker on a budget.  With little effort, money, and supplies, you can have your very own self-made RAMsinks.

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Requirements using Standard Heatsink


–          one CPU heatsink

–          a vice to hold the heatsink

–          a large metal file, or saw

–          sandpaper – anywhere near 400 grit or higher is excellent.


The Heatsink should be easy to come up with.  If you purchased a retail-box AMD, and you are reading this article, odds are in favor of you having purchased an after-market Heatsink-Fan combo.  If you don’t have an extra HSF sitting around the house, than either purchase one from your local computer shop, or ask a tech-savvy friend to use theirs.

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Aluminum heatsinks will work best for this modification because they are easy to work with, and are excellent heat-transfer units. Copper is a better metal for heat transfer, but cutting the copper will require stronger tools than most overclockers will have in their closet.  If you are fortunate to have a copper heatsink, and the means to cut it, than make sure that you coat the heatsink with a protective sealant to prevent oxidization.  This sealant can be picked up at any local hardware store’s plumbing section.

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It’s time to chop the suckers up!  The RAMsink can go a little bit over the memory, but make sure all the surface area of the memory is covered. This is best for heat transfer. Make sure that your heatsink is held by a vice or some other holding mechanism so you are able to freely cut it.  Make sure that the position you put the heatsink in will ensure that the heatsink won’t fall out of the vice while you are cutting it. Now, go to the edge of the heatsink, where you have decided to start cutting, and make a little groove in there. I did this by using a large file. Now that you have created your starting point, you can continue to cut.

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Time to make sure your heatsink is smooth. Run your finger along any parts that came into contact with the saw, file, or vice. If any of the holding, filing, or cutting caused uneven areas that are supposed to have contact with the memory, then you want to smooth them out. If any parts are really rough, you might want to file them a bit. Since it’s just been tampered with, you want to make sure every part of the heatsink that will have contact with the RAM, is smooth as possible, to allow maximum heat transfer.

To further smooth the heatsink, you have to get some lapping done. Lapping is a process whereby you smooth the object, by rubbing it against smoother sandpaper. Sandpaper is rated in grits, and the higher the grits, the smoother the sandpaper.  Get the roughest sandpaper first, and just find holes on the heatsink, or places that will cause it to mount to the memory unevenly. When it’s pretty smoothed out, put rough sandpaper on a sturdy flat surface, and start rubbing the heatsink in circles on the sandpaper. When all the bumps and holes are smoothed out, then you replace the sandpaper with softer sandpaper. As the heatsink gets smoother, keep using smoother and smoother sandpaper until it’s almost as smooth as a mirror. Keep making sure that the heatsink is leveled by bringing it close to your eye and putting it up to a light. Now you have your very own RAMsink!

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