Livepc Site Information

Welcome to Livepc, your source for the coolest howto’s on the Internet!

Below is a list of the current Livepc staff (meet our geeks):

Mark Hagan – Editor-in-Chief

Mark originally founded Livepc.tv in 2000. He has a passion for programming and music from the 1980’s. He will start college at Indiana University Southeast in the fall semester. The ladies love him.

Mazi – Senior Editor

Mazi joined the LivePC staff in spring of 2002. He plans to help Mark with all aspects of the site. His goal for LivePC is to make it a truly unique site. He handles public relations and marketing so contact him if you have any questions, suggestions, and/or comments for LivePC.

In the meanwhile, you will find Mazi at San Bernardino State University in Southern California.

Jessie Higgs – L337 Reviewer

Jessie Started on Livepc.tv in the spring of ’02. He loves computer games and tweaking his PoS Computer. He will start college in the fall at Southern PolyTechnic State University and major in Computer Science.

Josh (PCGenious) – Review Geek

Hey I’m Josh also know as PCG.  I am one of the 1337 reviewers. Currently I am student in Florida. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for my articles/reviews.

Anthrax (Jason R) – Graphics

Anthrax joined the LivePC staff . He likes building websites and doing art. He will be taking computer graphics and 3d modeling classes in the fall, majoring in computer science. Life goal is to do special effects for movies, and would like to some day work for Industrial Light and Magic.