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 Vegas Braces for the Hackers

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Cyber Crime — How Norton Stops Cyber Super Villains
Anti Virus News — The Top 4 All-In-One Antivirus Software Solutions
“LAS VEGAS — Sin City is about to be packed with thousands of hackers, wannabe geeks and phreaks who envision the perfect world as the following:

Computer networks would welcome curious exploration, all information would be openly shared, a lot of public toilets would be filled with concrete and no swimming pool would go unfilled with several blocks of dry ice. 

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With plenty of booze, boasts and hard information on how to subvert systems and society, Defcon can’t accurately be described as a polite or sober sort of event.

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New ATi Catalyst 2.2

“CATALYST 02.2 provides significant performance improvements in OpenGL games across the entire RADEON product line, especially at high resolutions.

Up to 25% improvement in Quake III (1600×1200, Max Quality)
Up to 35% improvement in Return to Castle Wolfenstein (1600×1200, High Quality)
Up to 50% improvement in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (1600×1200, Extreme Quality)”

 Blue Screen of Death hits SP3 installs

“SOME BRAVE HEARTS WHO downloaded the SP3 patch for Windows 2000 have experienced some problems.We would recommend getting Carbonite backup for your pc to help with this issue , Get an instant coupon code for Carbonite to save 10% at the tech coupons Carbonite Page.
The INQUIRER has heard now of three occasions where the SP3 install caused a local ruckus.A few people were posting about it earlier here are a few resources to look at Twitter ,WordPress ,That’s not that many however, considering the thousands of bug fixes that must have been downloaded already.In the first case, a UK company attempted to install SP3 on two machines, one a Dell P3 550 ( got a crazy deal on it with a coupon code found here ) and the other a Mesh XP 1.4.The systems, said the end users, have nothing in common but produced exactly the same blue screen of death “ a message about a non page fault.”
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30.82 beta Detonator drivers

“We’ve just finished uploading the 30.82 beta nVidia Detonator drivers. For now they’re available for Windows2000/XP only, but as soon as a Win9x version is available you’ll find it posted here. Look for an update to our Detonator Database soon, but why don’t you try the drivers out while you’re waiting?” James also wanted to let you all know hes lost and incredible 20lbs whilst on Nutrisystem , he wanted to show you their Nutrisystem facebook deals and promotions page for anyone else needing to drop some load

VIA KT400 to lose the 400?

‘After VIA released its DDR400 chipset for the Pentium 4, the P4X400, AMD users were left
waiting for their own version, called KT400. Rumors, however, say that the chipset is going to
lose its most distinctive feature: DDR400 support.XbitLabs has suggested that VIA’s KT400 will lose the feature that gives
meaning to its name: DDR400 support. While Nvidia and SiS decided to
support the new memory in their own offers, the Taiwanese company
has apparently chosen to give up on the standard. Besides not having
been approved by JEDEC, DDR400 has raised concern among members
of the industry. Some have said the memory may not be so much better than DDR333.’

Samsung DDR 333 gets Intel validation

MAJOR MEMORY COMPANY Samsung has received validation for
DDR (double data rate) 333 semiconductors from the Intel corporation.

The firm will say today that 512MB, 256MB and 128MB 333 DDR chips
have received the imprimatur of Chipzilla.

Intel’s endorsement of 333MHz DDR is a considerable boost for this
memory type. Earlier this year we reported that Intel will produce DDR
333 chipsets, which while still on their roadmaps for September, are
now expected not to be released until October of this year.’


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“Clean, sharp and modern”. These three words boil down my opinion on this great looking monitor. Add in the fact that you have your choice of analog or digital connection, Samsung quality and F.A.Porsche design and you have yourself a stylish and practical investment for your home or office. If this baby could game like a CRT, I would have to think we have the ultimate 15inch TFT.”

How to Make RAM Sinks

JoeP shows us how to make RAMSinks this week over at This howto is seperated into two parts: using an old CPU heatsink, and using an old NorthBridge heatsink. Both methods are explained in detail which helpped make this an excellent howto!


“Some of the top cooling manufactures produce products to help cool your video card RAM down to not only prolong the life of your video card at overclocked speeds, but to also offer that extra temperature decrease you will need to increase the MHz of your video RAM. Anyone who is serious about overclocking should seriously consider this guide. This guide is written for the overclocker on a budget. With little effort, money, and supplies, you can have your very own self-made RAMsinks.”


Russian firm improves game copy protection

‘STARFORCE TECHNOLOGIES said it will introduce a version of
its protection system at the ECTS games show in London at the
end of this month.The firm told the INQUIRER that version 3.0 of Starforce
Professional, a CD authentication system, will introduce a whole
range of additional features to protect games from being cracked
or illegally copied.It said that the new version will allow games developers to control
the physical parameters of CDs, and can so tell not only the
licensed disks from illegally replicated copies, but also disks with
the same title made from different glass masters.’

AGP8X takes on 4X, as Granite Bay resurfaces

‘THE HARDWARE ZONERS spent their weekend checking out the
real difference between AGP4X vs. AGP8X.”There’s really no point in having kickass technology like
HyperTransport if the AGP is limiting data transfers at 266MHz (4 x
66MHz),” they say. “Now that AGP bandwidth is doubled to 8X, the
clock frequency will increase to 533MHz which means that it will
transfer at about 2.1GB/s. This increase in bandwidth will directly
help to improve the overall performance of the graphics subsystem.
By how much?” They try and find out over here.And finally, French site X86-Secret has posted what it has
managed to find out about Intel’s Granite Bay chipset. It’ll be called
the Intel E7205, they say, and will be the first to support dual DDR
channels. We revealed back here (Oops, was that an InquirerInside
link?) that the E7205 would replace Granite Bay. But, anyhow, our
friends across the Channel have posted some detail on the chipset
which you’ll find here. To save on all that clicking, note support for
400 and 533 front-side bus speeds and support for
“l’HyperThreading” kicking in on P4s of 3GHz and above. Expect it
at the end of October, they say.’

 How the Postman Almost Owned E-Mail

Technology Review

“Imagine that the U.S. Postal Service was in charge of e-mail. Sound absurd? It does to most people”until they realize that it almost happened.

In 1977, when I first came to Washington, DC, I joined the communications policy program of the Aspen Institute, where I was assigned to research how the impending telecommunications revolution would affect postal service. Instead of muddling through backwater, I uncovered a goldmine of plans and policy dilemmas.

The Postal Service had considered electronic mail ever since the invention of the telegraph. The 1845 telegraph line between DC and Baltimore was operated by the Post Office Department, which urged that the government run the telegraph system. A provision in the telegraph legislation of 1866 authorized the government to purchase existing telegraph plants after 1871.”

Ahlon 2400+ and 2600+? 333 MHz Front

“I have news of the next Athlon XP processors to be released as the 2400+ and and 2600+ to combat the on going competition from Intel. While simple speed increases are not big news for a processor, there is more to this than meets the eye. Even before the introduction of the Athlon XP 2200+ processor, AMD knew they were having a small problem with the .13 micron cores and thus a second revision of the Thoroughbred core was put underway. This new revision, while not officially announced (and it may not be) is under going some testing with great results. The 2400+ processor is set to run at 2.0 GHz and the 2600+ processor is looking to be at 2.13 Ghz. As Intel has plans of releasing a 3.0 Ghz processor towards the end of this year, this kind of speed boost from AMD is desperately needed — perhaps even more.

As if things couldn’t get better, along with this news comes an update on the fabled 333 MHz FSB Athlons. I was told that the AMD labs are really looking into this and testing it out with the newer “rev 2” cores of the Thoroughbred. While AMD could take the current 266 MHz FSB up to the 2.13 GHz range, moving beyond that would be very tricky and I have it on good authority that AMD has a lot more life in the Thoroughbred than many are expecting. What does that mean? I think we are going to see the 333 MHz FSB processors and fairly soon. The inside tip also explained that a decision by the AMD authorities on whether or not to use the 333 MHz FSB will be finalized within the next three weeks.

While nothing was mentioned of the Barton core, we have two options as to its whereabouts. Either this “rev 2” is the Barton and the info about the extra cache was left out, or Barton will follow this “rev 2″ Thoroughbred.”

IBM DB2 will support AMD’s x86-64 instruction set…3~37969,00.html

Someone is going to make use of Opteron. IBM is an industry leader, and in the next while, you can expect to hear others follow suit, here is the google plus page to visit for more .

RIAA Web site disabled by attack
THE APPARENTLY DELIBERATE overload rendered the site unavailable for portions of four days and came after the group endorsed legislation to allow copyright holders to disrupt peer-to-peer networks.
The malicious flood started on Friday and did not involve any intrusion into the RIAAinternal network, a representative for the trade association said on Monday afternoon. Nobody has claimed credit for the denial-of-service attack, which ended at 2 a.m. PDT on Monday. Dont they have something better to do during the summer than hack our site?�